Workers at the Al-Sahul COVID-19 treatment center in Ibb governorate, Yemen, carry an oxygen cylinder to the intensive care unit. Patients with moderate to severe symptoms of COVID-19 need about six oxygen cylinders a day—and maintaining adequate supplies in this war-torn country is a major challenge. Yemen 2020 © Majd Aljunaid/MSF

Staff and a patient in the operating theater of MSF’s trauma center in Mocha, which is located in the Red Sea coast region of Yemen. Surgeons there provide life- and limb-saving surgery for war-wounded, traffic accident victims, and pregnant women who need emergency surgical delivery. Yemen 2020 © Hareth Mohamed /MSF
Ansaf is a nurse aid working at the MSF-supported Sheikh Zayed COVID-19 center in Sana’a. She resumed working in the COVID-19 response after having been infected with COVID-19 herself. She went back to work “because of my determination and desire to tackle this pandemic . . . because I did not wish to see people in that same place and situation I was in and the same pain I experienced, I want to help people,” she said. Yemen 2020 © Maya Abu Ata/MSF